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KING ऑफ देसवार
   गली❗ दिसावर   फरीदाबाद गाजियाबाद ❗❗ऑल गेम लिक रिपोर्ट 100%✓{{ दुबई से }} !! रोज कमाओ दो से तीन लाख रुपए !! जिसके साथ धोखा & फ्रॉड हुआ हो वो लोग तुरंत संपर्क करें और अभी तुरंत अपनी गेम बुक कराएं

नयना गुप्ता लीक गेम क्वीन
डायरेक्ट दिशावर एंड कंपनी से सिंगल गेम लीजिए ! गली , दिसावर , फरीदाबाद , गाजियाबाद ! कंफर्म जोड़ी कंपनी से लीक जिस भाई को लॉस पूरा करना है तो पहले आओ और सबसे पहले मौके का फायदा उठाओ ! Fraud लोगो से दूर रहो डायरेक्ट कंपनी के अकाउंट में पेमेंट करके सीधा कंपनी के साथ जुड़े और अपना लॉस पूरा करे !!

Queen of Gali Desawar
गली दिशावर गाजियाबाद फरीदाबाद सिंगल जोड़ी होगी 10000 % गारंटी से पास क्योंकी हमारे पास होती है डेट फिक्स लीक जोड़ी जिससे आप खेलकर अपने सारे कर्ज से मुक्त हो सकते हों सिर्फ ईमानदार ही कस्टमर कॉल या मैसेज करे जो लोग मोटा गेम खेलते हो डेली प्रॉफिट करवावेंगे गारंटी से यह मौका हाथ से छूट ना जाए जल्द ही गेम बुक करवावाए !


आज की लीक जोडी


Satta Live Result


TIME {12:10 PM }

-- satta king


TIME { 01:00PM }

75 satta king


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-- satta king


TIME { 03:00 PM }

-- satta king

नयना गुप्ता  Satta Head Branch
सिंगल जोड़ी गली ओर देशावर में गेम 100% गारंटी से पास सट्टे की दुनिया में काम के साथ नाम भी चलता है! जितने लोग हमसे जुड़े सब मालामाल हुए हैं

Leak game of desawar
सिंगल लीक जोड़ी DATE फिक्स डायरेक्ट सट्टा ब्रांच से लीक गेम गेम पास की फुल गारंटी है 101% लीक एंड कन्फर्म जो भाई कहते हैं कि हमारी गेम पास नहीं होती वो जरूर संपर्क करें

Welcome to Gali Result


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TIME { 05:00PM }



TIME { 04:30 PM }



TIME { 01:30 PM }



TIME { 06:30 PM }



TIME { 08:30 PM }



TIME { 07:00 PM }



TIME { 04:00 PM }



TIME { 03:00 PM }



TIME {12:10 PM }



TIME { 05:00 PM }



TIME { 11:05 PM }



TIME { 03:15 PM }



TIME { 07:30PM }



TIME { 04:00PM }



TIME { 01:00PM }



TIME { 05:00AM }



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TIME { 07:15 PM }


::Notice Board::

जोड़ी रेट : 10 Ka 950
Harf ka rate : 100ka 1000

👇गेम लिखवाने का लास्ट टाइम
मुंबई बाजार - 5:00PM
फरीदाबाद-05:50 PM
गाजियाबाद-08:20 PM
गली-11:30 PM
दिसावर-02:00 AM
द्वारका Night -01:00AM
कल्याण Gold - 01:00AM

ᵍᵖᵃʸ ᵖʰᵒⁿᵉᵖᵉ ᵖᵃʸᵗᵐ ᵘᵖⁱ ᵃᶜᶜᵒᵘⁿᵗ

😍 रिजल्ट आने पर तुरंत भुगतान
खाईवालो में भरोसेमंद नाम
ईमानदारी हमारी पहचान है

Satta King 2022 Chart

हेमंत शर्मा किंग ऑफ सट्टा
गली , दिसावर, गाजियाबाद, फरीदाबाद, गैमो की कंपनी से डायरेक्ट लीक सिंगल जोड़ी के लिए हमसे कोंटेक्ट करें ।।मैं नहीं मेरा काम बोलता है।।

What is Satta King ?

Do you exactly know what is Satta King? Maybe You do or maybe you don't. If you don't know about it then you are at right place. We will discuss everything related to the Satta King game here. There are many parts and rules included in this game and it's a luck-based game. You have to choose a number between one to hundred at the start. These numbers are also divided into games with a term called Jodi. We will discuss here the main game. So, you choose a number between one to hundred and then tell that number to your bookie. The bookie will reserve that number and list your name with the amount. When the next day's result is declared and luckily the number you opted has come out then you win 90 times of money you deposited. This is all about Satta King Game. While this game depends on luck and the winner gets 90 times more amount, it creates a temptation and lust for money in everyone's heart. People who are observing this game and often play it knows about its changing numbers and thus they can win it easily. Also, many people who are concerned with authorities in this game sells number which is likely to be announced in the next result as a leak in return of money.
We will try to cover every aspect of Satta King & Satta King Results in this article. There are many surprising and unknown facts about this game which you should learn before stepping into it. Satta king game has some famous company which is concerned with this game. These are Deshawar, Faridabad, Gali, Ghaziabad. Deshawar and Gali are said to be one of the oldest Satta companies in India. Thus you can trust the gameplay of them blindly and put your money.
You have to book your number two hours prior to the declaration time of the result. So, you should decide and set your lucky number before the closing time of the game. One of the biggest problems that arise is where to play, but there are many online websites available where you can play the Satta King game safely and without hesitation.

Satta King Online or Offline?

Playing Satta King is considered illegal in India and before proceeding you should know about it. However, Satta King is played on a large scale in India. You should know about safely playing this game. These days as because of the Corona pandemic and lockdown, almost everything shifted to online mode. But, there are ways to play offline and in online mode both. We will still suggest you go for online mode as it's secure, safe, reliable, and fastest. For playing Satta King online you can find many websites and apps related which make users play this game. You can create your account on those websites and apps and choose your desired amount and lucky number and pay using any online mode of payment. You'll get a confirmation notification and after you win you can transfer the amount directly in your bank account.
But for offline mode, you have to contact a person who is termed as Khaiwal - said to be Satta Agent. You can put your money on your lucky number and deposit it to him and he will list your name with the amount in the game. He will then forward your information to the Satta company and finally, you will be enrolled. When the result declares and if it's your lucky number is announced as a result, then he will contact you and handover the winning amount.
Since you have stepped into the Satta King game you should know about the timing of result declaration of these games. Every company has fixed there timing on which result is declared. Sometimes results may get delayed due to technical or any errors for 10-15 minutes. You can check the results on various sites and we also keep updating our website with live results at fastest.
Here are the time details of result declaration :
Deshawar: 05:00 AM
Faridabad: 06:00 pm
Ghaziabad: 08:00 pm
Gali: 11:15 pm


The origin of the Satta king started back in the 1960s and it is being said that while the Bombay Stock Exchange was experiencing ups and downs, people started betting on the opening and closing rates of stock. From there, more people got involved in the Satta game and it evolved as a Satta King game where the bet is put on numbers and a random number is drawn as a result.
Earlier Satta King was termed as Ankada Jugad. It evolved and got its name as Satta King during the 60s or 70s. It kept on evolving with time becoming different in terms of rules and games. This idea was presented by Ratan Khatri, who is known as the founder of this game. He introduced this idea of playing Satta on opening and closing rates of imaginary numbers. In the early time number between 0-9 was written on paper and put into a matka (earthen pot). After mixing those papers one person used to draw a chit and the chit decided the name of the winner. But with changing time the practice of the games and rules changed drastically and evolved till now as an online game.
After Ratan Khatri another King of the game Kalyanji Bhagat started a new concept of the game and termed it as Kalyan Matka where the bet was as low as one rupee. After these new people and new concepts started getting introduced in the market and Ratan Khatri introduced another new concept in 1964 and Mumbai became a hub of betting business. During the 1980 and 1990s Satta business reached its peak and after the Mumbai police cracked down and started closing and arresting people involved.
Many of them moved to different parts of India and settled their business in other states. With this outrage of Mumbai police causing dens of Satta to be closed down, people started finding other sources of gambling and thus shifted towards betting on cricket matches.

Where to Find accurate results?

Our site provides accurate and fastest results of every game we are connected with. We are fast, reliable, and trusted where you can easily check daily results getting updated timely. We also list the monthly charts on our website and you can also find older result charts on our website. Navigate to the chart list and open by clicking the game you want to check results. Our results are updated directly by workers of the company, hence the result updated here is fastest and more accurate than other websites. To check your results you can bookmark our website and visit at the given time of result.

Satta king

Satta King or Satta Matka is currently the most growing number-based lottery game, which roots back to colonial India. Even our ancient history reckons that gambling was in our blood. Owing to that, it has grown bigger even after the independence. As of now, the estimated daily figure of Satta King is more than 500cr. Not to mention, it is just speculation.

Aforesaid, Satta King is a number-based game. Nonetheless, the name of the game is not Satta King. Satta King used to be the title for winner, who wins the game. Moreover, Satta Matka was the game. Earlier, when Satta Matka started, along with the winning amount, people used to get praise and respect from other bettors. Eventually, that mutual respect and friendly foresaying turned into the title. Currently, this title has earned so much popularity among the bettors that they've forgotten the name of the actual game. The name satta matka has been shadowed by the glory of the title, Satta King.

Without further ado, let's move on to our topic.

What is Satta Matka?

Satta Matka is a number-based lottery game in which your luck and precision help you to win the fortune. Before you guys wonder why it's called Satta Matka let me help unveil the dragon. Earlier, results for the game used to come out of the earthen pot, or "Matka" (another word for earthen pot). As a result of this, the term Matka was added to it.

As prior mentioned, Satta Matka is a number-based game. It is played between 00 and 99. Bettors have to choose numbers between them and place bets on their desired number. Additionally, to make the game more interesting, lottery companies added Jodi and Dhara to the game. People can either predict the combination of numbers or a single number. Meanwhile, if someone did a precise prediction, they win. Furthermore, they receive the winning amount, either 9x or 90x of the waged money, complying with the satta they waged on ( If someone has waged ₹10, then 9x will be 90, and 90x will be 900).
Success in Satta Matka is totally luck-based if your fortune is favoring you. You can win loads of money overnight. If you don't, you can lose a big time.
Though everyone plays the game Satta Matka, they have very less idea about the name. Satta King's title became so popular and made its way into the colloquial language. Moreover, people know the game the same. Currently, Satta King is one of the most played lottery games, along with Gali, Disawar, and a few more. Greed and lust for easy money among people made it immense.

What is Satta King?

As easy it may seem to speak, as complicated it is. There is a misconception among the people that Satta king is a game. However, it's not. Earlier, Satta King was the title given to the winner of satta. This title was not something that the lottery company came up with, and the title was given out of mutual respect, honor, and fun. Tho, when the game became huge people started using it even in general terms. Everyone related to satta was called Satta King, i.e., Khaiwal, Owner of the lottery company, etc.
Additionally, every satta game was famous by the same title. Gali, Disawar, Ghaziabad, Faridabad, etc.

History of Satta King?

The story of the satta king begins prior to independent India. Its history dates back to the 1940s in colonial India. At that point, the Britishers used to import cotton from India via Bombay ports and New York Cotton Exchange used to fix the rate. Daily wage workers from there used to predict the pricing of the cotton trade. As it was their way to kill time, what else did they had back then? Sooner, this prediction game turned into a full-fledged satta.

People started betting money on the cotton price. As they find it quite fascinating, how easy can money be made? The game, which started as time passed, it soon became a business. Few folks who saw the opportunity came up with the idea of this business. They started operating the satta. In a short time, stalls were opened outside of the port to play Satta. Satta was blooming at that very moment. The greed, the need, or the addiction everything helped Satta to boom.

However, with the bliss of easy money, there came the boon. Workers started losing their daily wages over betting. They started getting addicted to the lust for easy money. After losing, they used to play more in chase of loosening money. When New York Cotton Exchange came to know about it, they banned all kinds of betting on cotton trades. Police started raiding the stalls. Operators faced a huge loss due to that. And an era of betting over cotton trades came to an end.

Although, they were unable to ban the betting. Due to lucrative addiction to the game people came out with new ways to gamble. Satta Matka, was one such.

As said above, satta matka is comprised of two words. "Satta" means betting, and "Matka" means earthen pot. All the given numbers are used to put under the earthen pot inside chits. Folks used to predict numbers and bet on the number that will come out of the pot (winning number). This game got so much popularity that it's still alive, till the time we're writing this and you're reading this.

Afterward, in the 1960s, Ankara Jugad (earlier name of satta king) see a huge rise. In 1962, Kalyanji Bhagat, a operator of Satta Matka started it on large scale, and named his lottery Kalyan Matka. It was a huge success. Kalyan Matka became a word-to-mouth name. Kalyanji Bhagat also gained huge popularity and people started calling him The Satta King. It is believed that Kalayanji Bhagat was the creator of Satta Matka. He started the idea of taking chit out of the earthen pot. Later, after seeing the popularity that Kalyan Matka, another bookie Ratan Khatri also started his own game in 1964, New Worli Matka. Tho the idea was same as Kalyan's but he introduced some rules to the game.

Kalyan Matka used to run all day of the week. At the same time, the new worli matka used to run only five days a week. During the 1990s, Satta gained all the name and fame. Daily betting volume was grown up to 500 crores. Gradually, other parts of India also tasted it. It became famous in other parts of India as well. The daily volume of satta was rising every day. In 2000s, satta matka faces the setback. Repetitive police raids damaged the bases of Satta Matka. Continuous interference from the police became a huge issue. Khaiwal started to hide.

Stalls where people used to place bets closed down. Owing to that, the business faced a severe loss. Somehow, they still survived that. Everything went underground. Khaiwals, Bettors, Operators, everyone. No one had any idea where and how they operated. This kept them off the hook for a long time. In 2008, Suresh Bhagat, son of Kalyan Bhagat, was shot dead. After the demise of Suresh Bhagat, it was believed that satta would be shut forever. Irrespective of the hurdles satta has faced it still came back, better than before.

As said in old texts, gambling is in our blood.

How to play Satta King?

Earlier, when it started, there was only one way to play it. People have to visit their local khaiwal or the khaiwal they trust. Khaiwal was the mediator between the bettors and the lottery company. They used to take money from the bettors and deliver it to the lottery company. It was their responsibility to deliver the result and win money for the bettors. However, after the police started intervening, placing bet became tough. Khaiwals went underground. Yet, people found ways to bet.

Furthermore, Leveraging the digital revolution satta also came online. Khaiwals started their own websites, and apps to place bets. Social Media became a junction for bettors. Even the results started to come online. Although satta companies didn't have their own websites still, somehow khaiwals were able the manage it.

There is a lot of website out on the internet that lets you play the satta online. Indeed, playing satta online gives bettors ease. Yet, they prefer the traditional method. In spite of all the boom, the traditional way of playing satta still remain alive. One such reason for that is its audience. Satta King's audience is the lower middle class and lower class, who are still learning about digitalization. People still go to khaiwal. Give them money, and they wage that money on their behalf and take some commission out of it.

Furthermore, after giving the money to the khaiwal, bettors have to give them the predicted number. Single number if they are playing for Dhara and tens if playing for Jodi. Khaiwal will place their bet for them. After the results announce ( every company has fixed its time for the result), khaiwal will receive the money from the lottery company and delivers them to the winners. Khaiwal handles all the headache once the bet is placed.

How to play Satta King Online?

As said, there are various apps and websites that let you play satta online. It's totally up to the bettors on what platform they are comfortable with. Either they can choose a mobile app or website. Now, the real question arises, are they secure? Well, it's up to the user or bettor, from where they are playing the game. As it is known, lottery companies don't have any official sites. Every site that's out there is either managed by khaiwal or other mediators. They have taken the old traditional method online. Apart from that, Khaiwal's also run Whatsapp groups and telegram groups for the same. You've to message him with your number, send them the money digitally and he'll place the bet. After winning, he'll deliver the winning amount along with the satta king result.

How to get Satta King result?

Satta King is one of the most played satta games. Henceforth, its result is most awaited as well. Mostly, folks get results from their respective khaiwals. However, due to manual work, their results are mostly delayed. Apart from that, you can also get Satta King results online. You just have to search "satta king result" on google. There will be tons of results regarding the same. Satta King ( is also one of them. Gali-result provides the most accurate and timely results without a margin error. We rely on the best channels to deliver you the result.

How to get Satta King Leak Results?

It's kind of a tricky question. Some may say there is no leak in results, others will say there is. In such a scenario, it's tough to find, Who to trust?.. How to trust? Well, let us help you. Often, leaks happen. Guys from the lottery company do that. However, it is tough to find that guy. Those guys prefer to live in the shadow. They don't come in the public domain. They keep themselves away from the light. Still, we've managed to put a few of them on our site, along with their telegram channels or group. We solemnly are not associated with any of them. It's just for your help so you don't get into fraud.

Is Satta king legal?

Satta king comprises a lot of games, saying whether satta king is legal or not will be very vague. A few of the games are legal in a few parts of India, others are not. In Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Goa, Kerela, Maharashtra, Meghalaya, Punjab, and Sikkim few lottery games have been legalized.

However, gambling in India has been banned since the British government introduced the Public Gambling Act in 1867, stating betting is unfair. According to the act, the penalty for breaking this law was a fine of ₹200 or imprisonment of up to 3 months. Further, in 2005 the government updated the law.

Therefore people are only allowed to bet on those games which have been legalized by the government and it is only limited to the people residing in that area. For others, it's still illegal. So, play at your own risk. Win Big, Play Safe!

Why Satta King is famous?

The popularity and fame of the satta king are related to the chaos of money among the lower middle class and middle class. They don't get many opportunities. Neither they are born rich, nor do they have the relevant resources. This economic and mental crisis attracts them to easy money. Satta King is the light they find. Their lust for money led them towards this. It makes Satta King famous among those classes. And as most of our population falls in that class, satta king has to be famous.

Is there any trick to win Satta King?

Well, there is not. Satta King is a completely number-based game based on the luck and precision of bettors. Tho, there are some guys from the lottery companies that leak numbers. Apart from that there isn't any trick. The only trick we give is only bet the money that you can happily lose. If you're blindly betting you'll end up losing all your money. Greed and Fear both should be balanced equally as equilibrium. Only then you can win or you'll have a chance to win.

What is Satta Record Chart?

Satta Record Chart is a collection of all famous satta games' results. The general audience of satta games is not so web-friendly. It becomes complicated for them to find live and updated results. For them, website owners make Satta Record Chart, where they can see live Satta king results as well as past results. This helps visitors of the website to see the lucky numbers without an issue. Here at you can find the Satta Record Chart of all the famous games. Our developers work round the clock to serve you the best. Apart from the live result, you can also check Satta Chart 2021 and Satta Chart 2020.

What is the biggest win of Satta King?

Biggest win! The volume of Satta king is so huge. Still, there is no valid record of that. How can anyone supposedly find the biggest win? Daily lakhs and cores of bets take place. Millions win, millions lost. And everything works so mysteriously that no one knows. Lottery Company keeps everything off the hook. Moreover, in all this, we know one thing for sure. Lottery Companies are making a fortune out of it. They are always winning. They make money in every game. So vaguely speaking, lottery companies are winning big. Every day, every time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In Satta King, there are various numbers written on slips, out of which the lottery comes out the handiest one precise number. The people bet on the selected number among 00 and 99. If your choose number has been declared as in result, then you'll be rewarded the lottery amount and entitled as "Satta King". If not, you'll lose all the amount which you had bet. The window for the opening of the random number is pre-set through the company. Earlier Satta King was limited to be performed traditionally i.e. "khaiwal" used to collect the betting amount from the people and use to vicinity the bet for them. Thus, it was very hectic and time taking. Now, after digitization when everything was going online. Satta King Games has also chosen to go digital. You can now play it on numerous websites. Although people prefer to play online, tho traditional method is still alive. khaiwal are still there, to help place the bet.

The amount completely depends on your bet and type of bet you did. Suppose you place a bet for 'haroop' then you will get 9x in return, similarly if you place a bet for 'jodi' your winning amount will be 90x of your betting amount. Ultimately, it means that your winning amount will be multiplied by 9 or 90 respectively. In addition, let's assume you put 10 rupees on the bet, this will win 90 rupees in return if it was placed for "haroop" or 900 if it was placed for"jodi". There is no limit on the amount of winnings, it is entirely up to your risk tolerance. Moreover, you can put any amount as per your risk tolerance and as big as you can. In layman's language the more you can risk, the more you can make. So you can win unlimited amount just by playing right number and winning.

Satta Matka is number based game, where you've to predict and make a bet on a number which you think this is going to come out of pot History of this game dates back to 1940s, during that time the workers had nothing to do apart from their daily wage work. They came up with the idea of betting on opening and closing of cotton prices. They see their fortune in it. Workers found easy way up. However, New York Cotton exchange found out about that and banned all the betting on cotton trades. Although, they were not able to ban betting. Due to lucrative addiction towards the game people came out with new ways to gamble. Satta Matka was one of them. Satta matka is derived from two words "Satta" means gamble and "Matka" means earthen pot. As the name says, chit of numbers is put inside the earthen matka and folks had to predict and bet on the winning number(number drawn out through the pot). This became very popular over the period of the time and running till the time we are writing this.

There is a lot of confusion around people regarding Satta Matka and Satta King. They are no different. Satta matka is the traditional number based game, and Satta King was the title that was used to give to the winner of any kind of Satta. However over the period of the time, people became so much fond of the title, end up calling the game as Satta King. Nowadays people are more aware Satta King than Satta Matka.

There are various of ways to play Satta King. The most and preferred way of playing is by online websites. After digitalization took place, numerous of website has come that allows you to play Satta King on it. On the hand "khaiwal's" are still there to help you to play it offline. You just have to find a trustworthy khaiwal to place your bet and play.

"Khaiwals" are basically representative of the company who organizes the Satta King Game. They take the staked amount from you with your predicted number and place a bet on your behalf. After the game, khaiwals are responsible for giving you the winning amount. In other if we summarize Khaiwals, they act as a broker between you and the company of organizers.

Indian Judiciary has banned all type of betting, long ago in the 1960s or 70s stating it as unfair. Tho, some games are still legal in few parts of Indian Province i.e Sikkim. People are allowed to place bet on those games only. What are some biggest win people had in Satta King? There is no such record available. Daily crores of bets take place and daily people win big. And everything is kept off the hook so no one knows.

There is no such record available. Daily crores of bets take place and daily people win big. And everything is kept off the hook so no one knows.

Profit and Risk run parallelly. It totally depends on your risk-taking ability. If you have a chunk of money to risk, you can surely win big. However, risk-taking is one of many factors. Luck stills play the boss around here. The whole game of Satta King is luck based. Therefore, if you have luck and risk-taking ability, you can surely make a great profit. Apart from all this, one should also look after his/her greed for money. As the saying goes, "take risks but be calculative".

Yes, you can. If you play with precision and luck favors you, you can surely become rich. However, one shouldn't be completely dependent on satta to become rich. They'll end up losing what they have. Satta may have helped some to become rich, but it has killed more. If you're gambling out of fun, with money you don't need, then it's fine. But when betting becomes an addiction, it's injurious. One shouldn't use their bread and butter to gamble.

Jodi and Dhara are satta terms. Used to place bets on numbers. As the name goes, Jodi means double, and Dhara means single. If someone is betting on Jodi, it means they are betting on two numbers. Similarly, if someone is betting on dhara, they are betting on a single number. Winnings also move the same. If someone wins dhara their betting amount gets 9x, and in Jodi, it gets 90x.

As said in the above article, satta king is an umbrella. Lots of game happens there. Satta Matka, Gali, Disawar, Faridabad Satta, Haridwar Satta, Lucknow Gold, Lal Kila, Tejupur Morning, Taj, Mumbai bazaar, etc are a few of them.

All the companies have already given their timings for the result. A few of them are listed below.
Gali: 11:05pm
Desawar: 05:15am
Faridabad: 06:15pm
Gaziyabaad: 09:20pm
Lal Kila: 05:00pm

There are no such requirements. The only thing that needs is luck and money. Apart from that you just have to find the Khaiwal or web/app run by them. In case you're placing a bet online, you'll need a phone with an internet connection, the name of the app, or the web URL of the platform. You'll need to register there and add funds from there. As soon as the fund is added you're ready to place the bet.

Since 2005, after the police raids, it has become tough to find them. Earlier, Tea vendors, Paan shop used to work as khaiwal. Though it used to happen in the past but habit doesn't change easily. You can still find a few of them, you just have to find the right shop.

Miss Archana
खुशखबरी सट्टा हेड ब्रांच मुम्बई दे रही है उन सभी भाईयों के लिये मौका जो गलत सट्टा नंबर लगाकर हो चुके है बर्बाद और चाहते है मोटा प्रॉफिट कामना तो जल्दी बूकिन्ग कराए कंपनी में और रातोरात हो जाए मालामाल वो भी लाइब प्रूफ़ के साथ। कन्फर्म लीक सिंगल जोड़ी में गेम पास कराने की 100% मनी बेक गारण्टी हैं जों भाई बोलते है गेम लीक नहीं होता है वो यहाँ चमत्कार जरूर देखें सिर्फ कीमत अच्छी होनी चाहिये सब कुछ बिकता है भाईयो



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Satta King 2020 Record Charts

gali chart
Deshawar chart
Faridabaad Chart
Gaziabaad chart
hindustan record
Lal Kila record
Taj-1 record chart

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